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What is Medicino?

Medicino is a multi-media collaboration by composer David Barratt and visual artist Faiyaz Jafri using audio sculpture and life size video projections.

Over 300 acappella vocal recordings of the names of psychotropic drugs and compounds are layered upon one another, projected simultaneously from multiple sound sources. 

The visual element consists of several animations depicting members of the nuclear family varying in scale in relation to one another over time. The pacing and the bright monochrome rendition of the animations in combination with the audio sculpture, creates a new reality for the senses and thus re-imagining the effects of psychotropic drugs.

The random juxtaposition of the various elements creates a new audio-visual piece, the structure, tone and visual of which are determined by the listener's relative position within the work at any particular time. No two viewers will experience Medicino in the same way.

What is the idea driving the work? 

The goal of psychotropic medications is to give the patient a more fulfilled, peaceful and complete life. We anticipate that this piece would have similar effects on its audience, but as with any medication, side effects, positive and negative, are always a possibility.

Medicino was shown at Kyo Art Gallery in Viterbo, Italy in 2009.