Agni Zotis & David Barratt



On the evening of Saturday February 14, 2015 (Valentines Day) a man jumped from the roof of his apartment building. He died instantly over 200 feet below on the patio belonging to Agni Zotis.

That patio is the place where Agni makes paintings, practices yoga and meditates. For her it is a genuinely sacred space.

After finding him a wide range of emotions enveloped Agni, but ultimately she recognised herself in the dead man and took a series of photos of the incident.

Later she sent David Barratt a voice message describing the emotional impact on her.

Barratt took the images and her message and composed a video/musical piece using her source material.

DEADMAN is that piece.

DEADMAN was first exhibited as part of an installation in her show “BE NICE” at Project301, NYC in Spring 2015.